WVL AX-1638S

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WVL AX-1638S | Field Coil Drive Unit
Pure Iron magnetic circuit, ultimate packing fraction edge wound copper field coil, 2.35 Tesla flux density

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WVL AX-1638S | Field Coil Fullrange Drive
Ingenious Twin Cone with double sided voice coil, rigid enameled aluminum cast frame, magnetization current ≈1.8 ADC

WVL AX-1638S

- Vented aerodynamic cast aluminium chassis for optimum strength and low compression
- Ultra light paper craft twin cone with directly attached voice coil former
- Soft foam surround for desired cone damping
- Advanced spider for improved linearity
- Non-conducting paper voice coil former for minimum electric damping
- Double sided voice coil for low clearance and symmetrical drive conditions
- Aluminum voice coil for reduced moving mass
- Long life silver lead wires
- Vented cone and spider for almost none compression
- Optimal piston to chassis diameter ratio
- Pure Iron magnetic circuit with a maximum of 2.35 Tesla flux density
- Ultimate packing fraction edge wound copper field coil


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